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Radiesse Volumizer

atlean_logo_6.jpgRADIESSE VOLUMIZER

What is a volumizer?

As we age, our faces lose volume, similar
to a balloon slowly deflating.
(See Dermal Fillers)
A volumizer is a product that replaces this
lost volume , restoring that youthful look.

RADIESSE seeks to do this in a natural way,
helping your face to repair the effects
of time, whilst giving an immediate result!

Other volumizers take some weeks,even months to show any effects, and may need further sessions
to produce results. Radiesse contains tiny particles of calcium suspended in a gel, so gives an immediate effect
  from the gel, with the calcium volumizer working
"in the background" to stimulate your own collagen production and maintain the youthfull look for up to
15 months!