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Botox makes you happier

Posted on Thursday, 19 November 2009 05:31PM by

Botox can make you happier, claim results of study

12 Mar 2009
Sara McCorquodale

Botox can make people happier, a doctor studying the psychological effects of the treatment has claimed.

Following a study into how the injections can lift the mood of a patient, cosmetic surgeon Dr Patrick Bowler found people were more content after the procedure in comparison to patients who had opted for other treatments.

In partnership with Dr Michael Lewis, a senior lecturer in psychology at Cardiff University, Dr Bowler tested a group of 25 Botox patients for irritability, anxiety and depression. He then tested another group of 25 who had had chemical peels and fillers for the same conditions. The results of these preliminary trials showed the former group were happier than the latter.

Dr Bowler, who is the medical director of Court House Clinics, said: “The background of this is that lots of studies noticed a high satisfaction rate in people after they had Botox treatments. We wanted to look at why they were so content and found these people did feel psychologically better in themselves. The theory of why this is the case goes back to Charles Darwin in the way that apparently how your face looks affects how you feel. So, if you can’t frown there is less chance of feeling unhappy. Because Botox relaxes the muscles, negative facial expressions are reduced.”

Although the results indicate happiness following the treatment, Dr Bowler asserted he does not believe this is a result of increased confidence due to looking better. He said: “I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily about self-esteem. The Botox group were compared with a group in which people had fillers and chemical peels, which are also aesthetic treatments, and they still proved to be happier.”