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Botox can reverse ageing

Posted on Thursday, 09 October 2008 10:49PM by
This item hBotox can reverse ageing according to study

09 Oct 2008
by Kate DonovanThe long-term use of Botox can reverse the ageing process, confirmed Dr Patrick Bowler in a new study.

The study by Dr Bowler of Court House Clinic, which was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, confirmed that the long-term use of Botox can reverse the ageing process by permanently erasing forehead expression lines and re-modelling the skin by allowing it to "rest" and renew.

Dr Bowler said, "I have found that with short-term use [of Botox], expression lines still remain, but over the long term creases actually disappear, meaning the smoothing effect does not wear off when the Botox does."

He added, "Botox gives the deep skin creases the chance to repair so in the long-term, wrinkles can end up looking creaseless."

In his study, Dr Bowler evaluated two subjects presenting with glabelar, forehead, and periorbital facial lines who were treated with Botox toxin type A over a seven-year period. At the end of the seven-year study, findings revealed that the skin quality continued to improve over time.
The study comes after recent findings by consultant plastic surgeon Rajiv Grover that long-term use of botulinum toxin alters the ageing process in the upper faceas no description